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Progress Test Make-up Exam Rooms (13.05.2022)

Published Date: Thursday, 21 April 2022

Dear students,

Progress Test Make-up Exam will take place face-to-face on 13th May 2022.


  • If you have any special needs, left handed etc., please notify the Secretary's or SAT office by 22.4.2022, Friday the latest.
  • Students are not allowed to take any exam without valid identification (student ID / normal ID / driving licence / passport). Their ID will not be verified from the student portal or by their teachers.In the exam room, students should show their valid ADAPASS CARD (or Vaccination card) if they are fully vaccinated.
  • Antigen/PCR test result document obtained within the last 72 hours, if they are partially vaccinated (not completed their vaccination process yet) or not vaccinated at all
    Students are not allowed to keep their mobile phones with them during exams.
  • Students With Only Valid Reasons And Evidence Proving This Reason will be able to request the make-up exam within 3 working days after the exam is administered. They are required to fill in the contact form on our website (http://fleps and also attach thier medical report or any other documentation (if they have any). If students do not fill in and submit the form on time, their request to take make-up exam  will not be taken into consideration  by the FLEPS Administration.
  • If a student misses his/her session in the speaking exam, she/he is required to fill in the contact form on our website (http://fleps including a valid reason for the speaking exam make-up. They will not be taken to the latter session as this would be considered unfair to other students.

Click the link (Exam Rooms) below to see your exam room and time.

 If you cannot see find your name on the list, you can visit the secretaries' offices in English Preparatory School A Building (2nd floor) on South Campus or call the secretaries (0392 630 2153 / 0392 630 1330).

Exam Rooms

You can contact the Secretary's Office (0392 630 2153 or 0392 630 1330) for your queries.

Your exam results will also be announced on this website.

Foreign Languages and English Preparatory School Administration