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The Eastern Mediterranean University Foreign Languages and English Preparatory School (FLEPS) has been providing quality language services to the university students and community since the establishment of EMU. We teach a full range of English language courses to preparatory, undergraduate and postgraduate students, as well as offering community programmes. We also offer all our students the opportunity to learn second foreign languages. Our School is an examination centre for a number of top international exams, including
IELTS (International English Language Testing System), TOEFL IBT (Test of English as a Foreign Language Internet-based Test), TELC (The European Language Certificates), LCCI (London Chamber of Commerce and Industry) and TOLES (The Test of Legal English Skills). 

The EMU FLEPS aims to be a regional leader in language education and training. We will continue to develop highest quality - courses not only for EMU students but also for the wider community, locally and internationally. 

As EMU FLEPS, we also aim to be recognised for our genuine dedication to student development and support, and for providing language courses that directly help our students towards success in their future academic studies and careers.

Mission of FLEPS is to offer our students internationally recognised language qualifications and to provide them a wide range of extra educational, social and cultural support that will benefit them during their stay at our school.

FLEPS is composed of three divisions; Modern Languages Division (MLD), English Preparatory School (EPS) and Turkish Preparatory School (TPS). As an Edexcel Assured accredited school, EPS /TPS offers intensive and integrated skills based basic English/Turkish language courses to undergraduate students who need to improve their English/Turkish in order to be able to cope with their departmental courses. In this respect, EPS/TPS offers English language courses aligned to Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) at four levels: Breakthrough (A1), Waystage (A2), Waystage+ (A2+) and Threshold (B1).

At EPS/TPS, language learning is viewed as a developmental, interactive and reflective process. Accordingly, the students’ exposure and the use of the language in class as well as outside class (e.g., via the Students’ Self Study Centre, Civic Involvement Projects and excursions) are emphasized. To this end, the courses are designed not only to support students’ language development by means of the provision of on-going feedback and extensive support on their achievement of the learning outcomes but also to foster life-long learning. In this regard, in the course of the students learning experiences at EPS, the students’ own reflection on their progress as well as their planning of their study-time in the light of this reflection together with the support of their teachers is promoted through EPS/TPS Portfolio work. The students are also provided with course material (e.g., coursebooks, resource books, graded readers) which is aligned with the course objectives.

FLEPS offers a diverse range of extra curricular activities and seminars to support and develop students’ social, cultural and academic skills. The school also has a Student Guidance, Development and Research Centre which provides assistance and guidance to students to help them adapt to university life and a new learning environment and to enhance their social, academic and personal skills.

Modern Languages Division is responsible for the delivery of all undergraduate and postgraduate English Language courses across the University as well as offering a range of Foreign Language electives to students who wish to acquire knowledge of a second Foreign Language and English Language electives to students who wish to improve their English.

At MLD, all English Language courses are also CEFR aligned. An ‘action orientated approach’ (Council of Europe Modern Languages Division, 2001) is adopted in the assessment of the intended learning outcomes, which are driven from the descriptors provided in the CEFR. All educational activities are planned and implemented to ensure that the teaching and learning processes in the MLD are conducted in a favorable manner and environment for the learners and also to ensure that all students get equal treatment in terms of language learning opportunities.

The EMU Postgraduate English Support Programme offers Academic English to EMU Postgradute students through four compulsory and six elective courses. Students are placed into the compulsory courses according to their English proficiency level. Students with little or no English proficiency are required to attend an intensive English language courses.


EMU FLEPS has successfully passed an international accreditation inspection, and its courses are quality assured by Pearson EDEXCEL. EMU FLEPS is the first institution in the region to receive this accreditation. Pearson Edexcel, also known as just Edexcel, is one of England, Wales and Northern Ireland's five main examination boards, and is wholly owned by Pearson, the world's largest education publishing and technology company which is part of Pearson PLC, the global publisher and owner of Penguin and Financial Times.


EDEXCEL: Higher National Diploma-HND-UK
EMU School of Foreign Languages is a member of EDEXCEL.



IATEFL: International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language
EMU School of Foreign Languages is a member of IATEFL.


LCCI: London Chamber of Commerce Industrial Qualifications
EMU School of Foreign Languages is an authorised LCCI exam center.

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