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Our vision as the foreign languages and preparatory school is not only to raise the quality of education in foreign languages and learning a foreign language but also to provide students' who have come from, The North Cyprus Turkish Republic (TRNC), the Turkish Republic (TC) and other countries, the opportunity to develop their foreign spoken and written language skills, which is required in autonomy, societal, career and educational fields. Additionally, our vision is to exhibit a high level of foreign language teaching at worldwide standards, to gain accreditation for programs, and to exploit creative activities in order to:

  • Compete on a national and international level;
  • Be sensitive to national and universal problems, to be aware of oneself and to able to stand on own two feet;
  • Not to be prejudiced in terms of race, religion, cult, color of skin; to place high importance upon human values;
  • Be accustomed to and aware of cultural differences, to have great sense of empathy;
  • Develop oneself and be open to change;
  • Be aware of what their own learning curve entails;
  • Be able to use new technology;
  • Have a modern, innovative frame of mind;
  • Be of use to society, respect others, and to believe in team spirit;
  • Be competent in critical thinking;
  • Have strong interpersonal skills, the ability to make analysis;
  • Be aware of social responsibility and environmental issues;
  • Be assimilated to universal cultures, to have respect for ethical values;