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Educational Resources Center (ERC)

The Educational Resource Centers, located in the English Preparatory School and Foreign Languages Division, offer a wide variety of rich resources and photocopiable materials for teachers applicable for the effective teaching of any subject . They also serve teachers with internet research on computers, printing ,photocopying and laminating. There are photocopy machines to photocopy extra materials and to print out anything related with education.The centers have wide collection of multimedia resources such as: audio and DVD'S and equipment. Most of the materials are on open shelves and some resources are stored  as all teachers may borrow books and available materials from the ERCs.

The ERCs are not just places where teachers borrow books to be used as reference or for professional development; they are also places where teachers come together and share their materials-handouts with each other and socialize. There are also comfortable armchairs and sofas where teachers can sit and socialize with each other while enjoying a cup of tea. There are always responsible ERC members who are ready to help teachers from 8.00 am till 17.00pm. At the beginning of each Academic Semester, all the course books and CDs are distributed to the academic staff in the ERCs. It can be clearly stated that they are not centers where teachers can benefit from different things. While they serve as litte libraries, they also give teachers the opportunity to have informal 'caring and sharing experiences' even during photocpying.

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