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What is International Language Association?

The International Language Association is a Non-Government Organisation (NGO) and Member of the Professional Network Forum at the European Centre for Modern Languages (ECML), a unique institution at the Council of Europe.

ILA is an association with a combination of conference, teacher training, accreditation and member-cooperative project entities.

Conference known as ICC:

The ICC – the international language association provides foreign languages teaching and learning with exchange of ideas and know how proven expertise in projects quality assurance networking an independent voice theory and practice combined personal development.

The ICC is an international association with local impact representing the field of language learning and teaching at a local level through individuals and institutions at a regional level through networks of members at a national level through the involvement of our member organisations in national initiatives and government committees, and at an international level through activities and representations at the European Commission and Council of Europe and other supra-national bodies.

 The ICC promotes quality in foreign language learning and teaching by certifying progress and achievement in language acquisition certifying teachers' competence to teach assuring the quality of courses offered. offering guidelines for the evaluation of teaching institutions, and providing criteria for the evaluation of teaching materials and courses

As a marketplace for ideas, projects, teachers and courses, the ICC promotes and encourages research and development in language teaching by working together.

Teacher training program is known as EUROALTA

What is EUROLTA?

EUROLTA (European Certificate in Ed Teaching to Adults) is an internationally recognized teacher training program to train you to teach languages using up–to-date methodologies. The EUROLTA certificate is developed, issued and recognised by the ICC, a network of leading institutions of adult education in Europe and around the world.

The EUROLTA Certificate is awarded to people who are professionals in the demanding field of teaching languages to adults.

FLEPS as an Institutional Member of ICC-İLA


Benefits of Membership

Membership is open to educational institutions, professional associations / organisations, producers and distributors of products and services in the field of language training and publishers. The ICC is currently building up a network of institutes of higher education (Universities of Applied Sciences and similar institutes).

Membership in the ICC means:

Access to and active participation in the development of national and European projects: e.g.

·          Accreditation of teacher training courses at a European level

·          Quality assurance of training procedures, programmes and materials

·          Validation of language competence / certification of skills

·          Curriculum development for vocationally oriented language learning and teaching

Active representation for Adult Education and Vocationally Oriented Language Learning and Teaching at:

·          the Council of Europe

·          the European Commission

Benefiting from the fruits of co-operation by:

·          being closely associated with the development of products and services

·          participating directly in a lively network of training offered by member organisations

·          labelling and validating products and services at a European level

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