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Community Involvement Projects (CIP)

i. Discovering Turkish Cypriot Culture

The aim of the 'Discovering Turkish Cypriot Culture' Civic Involvement Project is for our students to learn and experience the traditions and culture of Northern Cyprus. By learning about Northern Cyprus, students will be able to integrate into the local community more easily, build friendships, share information about their own cultures, and develop their own skills and abilities. Overall, this project provides students with the opportunity to increase their awareness of Turkish Cypriot culture and compare it with their own culture.

VISIT 1: Kyrenia & Bellapais *

Observing Turkish Cypriot life, learning about the history of Northern Cyprus (includes visits to Bellapais Abbey and Kyrenia Castle) and tasting Turkish Cypriot food.

VISIT 2: Guzelyurt & Lefke *

Visiting the north west of the island known for its greenness and citrus fruit, learning about Northern Cyprus and tasting Turkish Cypriot food.

*location of the visits may be subject to change when / if necessary  

ii. Helping Kids in Need

The aim of the 'Helping Kids in Need' Civic Involvement Project is to raise the awareness of students on kids in need (their needs, life styles). After the charity event the focus will be on gathering the needs of these kids from the shops and then taking these stuff to Children's Home.

Visit 1: Charity Activity on Campus. The EPS students will be able to raise  money in order to donate it to the kids in Children's Home.

Visit 2: Visiting the Children's Home in Lefkoşa. The purpose of the second visit is to meet the kids and bring them their needs and make them socialize with EPS Students in order to feel like a member of the community. Also some communicative activities will be done on the visit.

iii. Rainbow

The aim of the 'Rainbow' Civic Involvement Project is to derive students' awareness about the environment and to create the feeling of responsibility towards our society and environment; also to take an active role in a project that would make our environment a better place to live.

Visit 1: Bedis Picnic Area (Famagusta)

Objectives: Thrash picking project

Students will collect thrash into bags along the sea shore of Bedis. Then, all the collected materials will be put into recycling bins, which will be prepared by students before.

Backup: In case the weather is not suitable for outdoor activities, students will prepare leaflets in their classrooms on environmental issues and walk around the building and distribute the leaflets to raise awareness on the issue.

Visit 2: Old Town Famagusta

Objectives: Survey and Leaflet Distribution

Students are going to prepare leaflets in classrooms and distrubute to people in order to raise environmental awareness.

Students are going to ask survey questions about environment and recycling in order to find out people's attitude towards environment and recycling. Then the results will be discussed in class after the students give a mini-presentation in pairs or small groups about the survey results

iv. Give a Book Give a Life

The aim of the 'Give a Book Give a Life' Civic Involvement Project is to sell books and donate the income to people in need; also to raise awareness towards the importance of books.

Visit 1: Cafes on the Salamis road

  • Active participation of students during book sales 
  • To support collaboration of students 

Visit 2: Cafes on the Salamis road 

  • Active participation of students during book sales 
  • To support collaboration of students 

v. Dogs in Need

The aim of the 'Dogs in Need' Civic Involvement Project is to incorporate students in helping the homeless and stray dogs of EMU. Students will learn the type of work that is involved in rescuing animals and will discover the animal life in Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

Visit 1: Dog shelters on campus. For our first visit, we will build shelters from reclaimed, recycled wood and create homes for the stray dogs of EMU. Students should NOT BE AFRAID of animals, getting dirty and must be prepared to use tools and materials.

Visit 2: Gaziveren Farm House. Students will discover the animal habitat and life in Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus on a famous farm in Gaziveren.