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Exam Period

2019-2020 Fall Semester Final Exams Schedule

Monday (Morning) 
9:00A1-A2  /  A2  /  TPSFinal Exam
13.01.2020Monday (Afternoon)
13:00B1  /  UB1Final Exam
Various Times
A1- A2   /  A2  /  TPSSpeaking Test
Various Times
B1  /  UB1Speaking Test


  • Students are not allowed to take any exam without valid identification (student ID/normal ID/driving licence/passport). Their ID will not be verified from the student portal or by their teachers.
  • Students with only valid reasons and evidence proving this reason will be able to request the make-up exam. They are required to go to the EPS Secretary and fill in the make-up exam petition form and also enclose their medical report or any other documentation on it (if you have any) within 3 working days after the exam is administered. If students do not fill in and submit the make-up exam petition form on time, their request to take a make-up exam will not be taken into consideration by the FLEPS Administration.
  • Students missing their session in the Speaking Exam are required to go to the EPS Secretary to write a petition including a valid reason for the speaking exam make-up. They will not be taken to the latter session as this would be considered unfair to other students.