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Quiz Monsters 2 competitions

Quiz Monsters 2 competitions
Published Date: Monday, 13 June 2022

The second of the quiz monsters competition was held in EMU Prep School. As students did during the first competition, B1 level students  answered  vocabulary and grammar questions.The  competition  took place on 10.06.22 on English Preparatory School ground floor. Students competed against each other in groups of four and  after a fierce competition,  the winning team received suprize gifts. Our teachers  Zekiye Dellaloglu and Sultan Taskiran organized the event and our teachers Serife Hocanın Aşıksoy, Afet Şeytan, Gulden Çağkan and Assistant Directors İpek Meneviş and Emete K. Mavili and our students Oktay Kızıldag and Kaan Egret’s  valuable contributions made it possible to hold the competition in a nice and fun atmosphere. Our students showed great interest to the competition. 

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