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Education Institution Quality Inspection at EMU FLEPS

Education Institution Quality Inspection at EMU FLEPS
Published Date: Monday, 20 February 2017

Following Pearson Assured accreditation, FLEPS is continuing to raise its quality through independent institutions starting with LEAD Turkey.

Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) Foreign Languages and English Preparatory School (FLEPS) Directorate welcomed Tony Gurr who is one of the directors of Lead Turkey, an educational standards inspection institution. The visit that was sponsored by Berberoğlu Publishing and Pearson Education included work towards FLEPS, which has the Pearson Assured accreditation, raising its bar even higher regarding academic and administrative activities. According to a statement released by EMU FLEPS, the evaluation that lasted for a period of five days evaluated the academic and administrative structure of the institution that aims to provide language teaching at an international standard. The evaluation was divided into four different categories. The statement talks about how Tony Gurr will produce a report after carrying out documentation analysis, extensive assessment meetings with FLEPS administration and program coordinators, meetings with student and teacher representatives, focus group meetings and class observations. Work to increase the quality of the institution will continue based on the advice on this report.